Legally admissible test is handy for legal cases such as surname change for kids, Birth Certificate issuance, Adoption, Immigration purposes or Evidence for Courts...

DNA Testing

Legally admissible test


Who are handy for these tests



For Court cases, Decision for solicit expertise (issued by Courts) is mandatory documentation. Sampling ought to be collected under the Court’s supervision..

For Immigration and Court purposes, it is mandatory for all members to take test including Father, Mother and Child (The package testing fee covers for all three members). For other cases, kindly consult with relevant authority for their advices before engaging in the test.

Applicant can be an individual or a Court staff, subject to each individual case.
Test result can only be accessed by Court and applicant or an authorized person specified in the DNA Testing Application Form.

Important Notes

All people involved in legally admissible  cases must present at CGAT offices.

ID card or Passport is compulsory for adults. For children, Birth Certificate or relevant documentations are required. All are original copies. 


1. Completing DNA Testing Application Form

ID card or Passport (origin copy) is compulsory for adults. For children, Birth Certificate or relevant documentations are required. All are original copies.
Customers are required to complete a DNA Testing Application Form . Information provided in the form ought to be identical to those in original copies of documentation required.

Download "DNA Testing Application Form"

2. Acquiring DNA sample

Customers are assisted to obtain samples (blood sample) . Blood sample is taken by a lancing device (pen like device for blood glucose monitoring) that minimizes painful to almost 0 level.

3. Taking Photos

Photo section is taken by CGAT staff for all members (free of charge). CGAT do not accept photos brought to CGAT by cusotmers.

4. Making payment

Payment made and receipt handed over. Validated result sheet can be made both in English and Vietnamese according to customers’ request on their DNA Testing Application Form.

See "DNA Testing Fee"

For Legally Admissible Tests

Consultation with relevant authority (Provincial Department of Justice, Embassies, Courts, People Committee…etc) is strongly recommended before engaging in any of the Legally admissible test below.


Birth Certificate issuance

 (Eg. no Marriage Certificate or kids were born before the marriage…)

Legal surname change

 (Eg. ones take mother surname since born, Father name is kept blank in the Birth Certificate…)

Adoption procedure

 (Eg. Illegitimate children, long lost children…)

Immigration purposes

 (Eg. Father/ Mother/Relatives are foreigners…)

Evidence for Courts

(see “Important Notes” above for more details)


Other legally admissible cases that need DNA for relationship testing


Simple procedure, professional consultation

DNA testing at CGAT

Fast and no pain sampling

Express result after 4 hours

High technology, absolute accuracy

Personal information highly confidential

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