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CGAT is founded by Dr.Prof. Le Dinh Luong, one of the leading experts in Vietnam genetics field. Prof. Luong is also scientific senior adviser to CGAT. With years spending abroad for studying, PhD as well as working with international labs, he has contributed valuable advices to CGAT on the design, operation and maintenance of lab in order to make it international standard and global recognized. That has been highly evaluated by the US DNA Criminal expert under an ICITAP* program to Vietnam in 2015.  


This is the best lab that I have ever visited in Vietnam. CGAT lab even better than some labs in the US. You can be proud of your lab.

Lucy Davis
US DNA Criminal  Expert

In a visit to CGAT laboratory within the framework of ICITAP* program 

* ICITAP:  International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program, of the Department of Justice of US 

Evaluation by US specialist on CGAT laboratory 

Pass Box

Pass box are applicable for all and every single small rooms to minimize the contact between human and sample.

Humidity & Thermal control

Humidity and thermal are kept measured and controlled to keep lab equipment in the best condition.


What makes CGAT different

Small lab separation

Lab is separated into small room that allows only 1-2 persons working at the same time to minimize the contamination

Air ventilation

Air flow between rooms are designed to move one way to control contamination. This was addressed since a very first stage of lab design.

Imported lab facility

100% of Lab facility and equipment are brand new and imported. 

Simple procedure, professional consultation

DNA testing at CGAT

Fast and painless sampling

Express result after 3 hours

High technology, absolute accuracy

Personal information highly confidential

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