CGAT founder

Prof. Dr. Le Dinh Luong


Vice-President, Vietnam Biological Association since 2008
President, Genetics Society of Vietnam since 2013
Editoe-in-Chief, Journal "Genetics & Applications"



Prof.Dr. Lê Đình Lương
Tel: 844-3728 2496, 0904 54 5050
PhD. : 1977, Leningrad University, Russia
Ass. Prof. : 1984
Prof.: 1992
Vice-President, Vietnam Biological Association
President, Genetics Society of Vietnam
Editor-in-Chief, Journal "Genetics & Applications"
Member, International Federation of Genetics
Member, Genetics Society of America

Prof. Dr. Le Dinh Luong

Head of Genetics Division, Hanoi National University (1977-1998).
Project Coordinator - cooperating with universities in the Netherlands (1978-1987).
Vice Director of Center of Biotechnology,  Hanoi National University (1996-2000).
Member of International consultation board, the 18th International Conference on Genetics, Beijing 8/1998.
Vice President of Biology committee, Hanoi National University (2003-2005).
Member of IBC, UNESCO (2003-2005).
Member of ASEAN-EU-LEMLIFE project (2004-2005).



1961-1966: Bachelor - Leningrad University, Russia – Major: Genetics.
1974-1977: PhD at Leningrad University, Russia –  Major: Microbial Genetics.
1978-1985: Post-doctoral research at Leiden National University, The Netherlands – Major: Molecular genetics


Genetics Basis
Microbial Genetics 
Molecular Genetics


Yeast Genetics (1966-1995)
Molecular Genetics (1988 – nay)


Publish more than 140 scientific documentations in Vietnamese, Russian and English. In which, there are 70 articles, 30  speciality books, presentations at International Scientific Conferences (Leningrad 1975, Minsk 1975, Vilnius 1976, Leningrad 1977, Moscow 1978, New Delhi 1983, Toronto 1988, Taejon 1992, Seoul 1992, Bangkok 1994, Montreal 1997, Beijing 1998, Manila 2002, Kyoto 2003, Chungbuk 2003, Seoul 2003, Bangkok 2004, Bilbao 2004, Warsaw 2004, Bangkok 2005, Tokyo 2005, Seoul 2006, Hangzhou 2006, Bangkok 2007, Orlando 2012).

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